May 22, 2012

K_Chico - Burn

Einer unseren zahlreichen Lesern hat uns einen Song zugestellt. Es handelt sich dabei um den Song 'Burn' von K_Chico und seinem genial gedrehten Video. Einige Fakten zum Video (siehe unten):

One of our readers dropped as a song. It's the brand new track 'Burn' by K_Chico and it's brand new photo-morphing video.Here are some facts about the video:

pre production - 5 Months
days of shooting photos - 2
people on set - 6
total Pictures taken - 3072
Pictures used in the Video - 256
average time of work morphing one scene - 6Hours
scenes morphed in total - 108
scenes used in the video - 42
actual videos used in video - 3

Now lets watch the video. Special thanks to Lukasz Polowczyk who dropped us this amazing track!